Our Cash Back Program was created to provide just one more alluring reason for potential buyers to go ahead with their decision to purchase their own luxury resort vacation home.  Offering a rebate of as much as 2.5 percent of the purchase price, our Cash Back Program is one of the most robust incentives in the luxury resort real estate industry, allowing our buyers to see Up To $20,000 Cash Back at Closing!

For example, clients who invest $250,000 in their resort vacation home will enjoy a cash-back rebate of up to $6,250. Investors spending $400,000 will receive up to $7,500 cash back and those buying an $800,000 property will receive up to an incredible $20,000 rebate at closing.***  

These cash back rebates are possible because of local and state regulations that allow real estate agents to compete for a buyer’s business by offering to refund a portion of the sales commissions they receive as payment for their services.Commissions are paid by the property seller and never come out of the pocket of the property buyer, creating a win/win situation for both agent and client.

As part of our client-focused service, we make qualifying for our cash-back program simple and easy. Simply Schedule Your Free Consultation on our online form. We promise a prompt and courteous response by a licensed and qualified Realtor®. Find out more about our featured resort properties, investment opportunities, and the cash-back rebate program by contacting us now. We look forward to helping you Create Your Own Happily Ever After!

***Note:  The above examples are for illustration purposes only.  The exact amount of Cash Back Rebate can only be confirmed after the specific property and purchase amount are contracted.  The MAXIMUM cash back rebate we offer is $20,000.