1. Review our website information.
2. Register online for your Free Consultation and tell us about your dream vacation home.
3. You will be contacted by Chili Fischbach and/or one of our team members to personally welcome you as a potential client and provide answers to your questions.
4. Electronically sign our Buyer Agent Information and Agreement providing you with details of our services (as shown below) and our commitment to your Cash Rebate of up to $20,000 at Closing!

As Your Buyer Agent, William ‘Chili’ Fischbach, Realtor® – New Home Co-Broker, and Ameriteam Realty commit to:

  • Keep your motives and budget confidential
  • Protect your best interests at all times
  • Educate you about market conditions and the vacation home buying process
  • Perform market price comparisons and provide you with high value choices
  • Negotiate exclusively on your behalf, obtaining the best price and terms available for selected properties
  • Adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity
  • Provide these services and more at no additional cost to you

Additionally, in the event you purchase a Featured Resort vacation home through our services, you will be entitled to a Cash Back Rebate of Up To $20,000 at Closing!

5. Once we receive your electronically signed Buyer Agent agreement, we go to work to provide you with everything you need to purchase the vacation home of your dreams and help you Create Your Own Happily Ever After!