7 Top Reasons to Buy New Resort Home Near Disney!

1) Orlando is the #1 family vacation destination in the world! Orlando welcomed 62 million people in 2016 to set another record high. That included 56 million U.S. visitors and an estimated 6 million international travelers.

2) Vacation home properties are one of the most popular forms of accommodation in Orlando as most of our travelers are families who enjoy the space and value that they get when staying in a vacation home versus a hotel.

3) Investors can purchase a home and rent it daily, weekly, and monthly to travelers, offsetting their costs and expenses. Buyers have found that purchasing a vacation home in Orlando has many advantages over most markets, mainly attributed to our year-round season for rentals, maximizing income.

4) Real estate prices are incredibly affordable, and the variety of properties are excellent, including condos, townhouses, villas, and single family residences with up to 13 bedrooms. Additionally, interest rates are at an unprecedented low, even for international buyers.

5) Disney is one of the top 3 brands in the world and continues to grow as Disney keeps innovating year after year, constantly offering visitors a new reason to visit…not to mention other theme parks, amazing shopping, world class golf, and much, much more.

6) Central Florida is the destination where the concept of vacation homes is literally a well-developed and regulated industry. Where else can you purchase a home for your own personal use and enjoyment, realize appreciation, and earn income when you are not using it? The newest resort communities offer the best amenities in the market and great incentives.

7) And most importantly, Florida Investment Resorts offers knowledgeable, proven real estate professionals like ‘Chili’ to help you choose the perfect property to fit your family’s objectives and provide you with Up To $20,000 Cash Back at Closing!